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Brief of the meeting held with the Cabinet Secretary on 28.03.2017

No.NC/JCM/2017 Dated: March 30, 2017
All Constituents of the
NC/JCM(Staff Side)
Dear Comrades!
Sub: Brief of the meeting held with the Cabinet Secretary

I met the Cabinet Secretary on 28th March, 2017 and shown anguish about the inordinate delay in resolution of long pending demands of the Central Government Employees, and subsequently handed him over a letter on the subject matter on the next day.

The Cabinet Secretary given us assurance that, he is already pursuing these issues, and though there had been some delay in finalization of the allowances, report of the Committee on Pension has already been submitted to the Cabinet, NPS Committee is already on its job and we would try to resolve the pending issues within a short period.

He also expressed his apprehension that, MCD elections may result in some delay, but at the same time, he assured that, as soon as he gets report of the Committee on Allowances, that will immediately be forwarded to the Cabinet, and after approval of the Cabinet, if need be, we would take necessary permission from the Election Commission.

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CSTE – BPS WRITES to   (MS) (Railway Board)

No BPS/SG/RELHS/017/02 Dated 30.3.2017

Member Staff (MS)
Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)
(For the kind attention of Shri Pradeep Kumar)
Subject: Cashless treatment Scheme in emergencies {CSTE} VS 12digit/10 digit PPO Nos

Bharat Pensioners Samaj The largest & the oldest Federation of Pensioners Associations with over 7lac members through its Affiliates & Associates which includes large number of Railway Pensioners, regrets to bring it to your notice, that to join CSTE 10 digit PPO Nos are required whereas several zones such as Central & Northern Railways have not so far issued PPOS with 10 Digit Nos to all the Pensioners.
Moreover, as per existing orders of MOF. On N.Rly Good number of pre 1990 pensioners have been issued 12 digit No PPOS. Central Railway has not so far neither issued 12 digit nor 10 digit PPOs to all the pensioners. Such of the pensioners are being denied membership of CTSE .
Sir, Annexure – 4.1 to CSTE policy letter provides facility of Online mode of CTSE I Card application and issues through M/S UTIITSL online application, the said annexure- 4.1 states that Link to this application is provided at all railway websites. U/S regret to inform you that this link does not exist on any of the Railway website.
The amount to be deposited to join CSTE :- The corrigendum dated 24.1.2017 provides contribution as per ward entitlement of the applicant. In railway hospitals, all gazette officers are entitled to private ward but in referral hospitals ward entitlement is as per CGHS. CGHS revised ward entitlement vide No. S.11011/11/2016- CGHS (P)/EHS Government of India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare dated 9.1.2016 is based on entry level indexed pay as per the level in the 7th CPC pay matrix. It may kindly be clarified if same will be applicable to Rly Pensioners
Sir, BPS, further strongly urge that till all Railway dispensaries are authorized to refer the beneficiaries to railway em-paneled hospitals and diagnostic centers, the proposed Scheme CSTE will not be of much help to the retirees even after shelling out additional amount to join CSTE. Your honor can very well appreciate the logistics of traveling to Railway hospitals for day today treatment due to old age ailments (as many of them are located at for of places in suburbs of metropolitan cities, is rather scary due to meager support system available to the old pensioners. On this account, many retired employees are not in a position to avail RELHS facilities of Railways and they are forced to visit private hospitals and incur substantial expenditure on their treatment out of their pocket.
Sir, I would like to convey many thanks for your candid and benevolent efforts for retired employees made thus far. A little more,as requested above will go a long way in resolving health care issues of Railway retirees on long term basis.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Faithfully yours,
Er S.C.Maheshwari
Secy Genl BPS
Copy to Com Shiv Gopal Mishra Genl. Secy. AIRF to kindly takeup the matter at his level also.


Merging Indian Rly Health Services with CGHS  -BPS writies to  Minister of Health & Family welfare UOI, Minister for Railways UOI, Minister for Finance UOI

No BPS/SG/Health/017/01 Dated 30.3.2017

Honorable Minister of Health & Family welfare UOI
Honorable Minister for Railways UOI
Honorable Minister for Finance UOI

Subject : Merging Indian Rly Health Services with CGHS
Reference: Para 9.5.18 of 7th CPC report

Bharat Pensioners Samaj the largest and oldest Federation of Pensioners in the country would like to convey many thanks for your candid and benevolent efforts for improving healthcare facilities in the country made thus far and congratulate you for launching National Health policy 2017. A little more, as being requested here under will go a long way in resolving healthcare issues of over 11 lac of Zonal Railway retirees on long term basis.
Our major grievance still persists for not considering the retired Railway employees at par with other retired Central government employee or in other words the retired Railway employees are being considered inferior to other central government employees even though the Railway budget has been merged with general budget for all expenditure purposes; yet there is disparity between retired Railway employees and other Central Government employees as the Railway employees are not governed by CGHS rules though both these classes of employees belong to the same Central Govt.. The dichotomy is that the retired employees from Railway Board are eligible to opt for CGHS but those retired from zonal Railways are discriminated and given a step motherly treatment by not granting them the benefit of CGHS. The retired employees from Zonal Railways, therefore, need to be granted the benefit of CGHS forthwith.
As has been rightly brought by7th CPC in their recommendations in Para 9.5.18(iii) “Currently, there are various healthcare schemes in the Central Government catering to specific sets of employees. For example, apart from CGHS, there are Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) and Railways Employees Liberalized Health Scheme (RELHS) which cover ex-servicemen and Railway employees/pensioners,respectively. Although the patterns in these schemes vary, a combined entity of CGHS, ECHS-RELHS would result in a very strong network of health facilities for the Central Government employees across the length and breadth of the country”.
Sir, now that there is no separate Rly budget and that the retired employees from Railway Board already have the option to join CGHS, Bharat Pensioners Samaj urge that Railway Health services be merged with CGHS, this beside strengthening & expanding CGHS network will ensure quality healthcare to Railway beneficiaries too across the length and breadth of the country. This would grant a better health services to the serving Railway employees also.
To further supplement CGHS system. Optional Health Insurance Scheme for pensioners for indoor treatment including those residing in non CGHS area for which the final EFC Memo is under submission be launched at the earliest.
Since the proposed Health insurance scheme will not include OPD facility, increasing Fixed Medical allowance (FMA) to Rs 3000/ Per month in lieu of OPD may be actively and sympathetically considered.

Thanking you in anticipation
Yours faithfully,
Er. S.C.Maheshwari
Secy. Genl Bharat Pensioners Samaj


Delay in implementation of the orders contained in OM dated 06.04.2016-Delinking of 33 years of service for fixation of pension BPS writes to -Minister of State

BPS/SG/Cofee BD/17 dated : 2.4.2017
Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman
Honourable Minister of State (Independent Charge)
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Udyog Bhawan,New Delhi 110 107 , INDIA

Sub: Delay in implementation of the orders contained in OM dated 06.04.2016-Delinking of 33 years of service for fixation of pension.
Respected Madam,
The Coffe Board has not so far implemented the orders contained in the OM dated 6.4.2016 in respect of the pre- 2006 pensioners of Coffee Board in spite of our repeated requests. The Board has also not implemented the other pending issues viz. a) Implementation of 7th CPC orders to retirees of Coffee Board with effect from 1.1.2016 and b) grant of Dearners Relief with effect 1.7.2016.
The Coffee Board, has not so far replied to the representayions made by our affiliate Cofee Board Pensioners Association with regard to the implementation of orders contained in this OM dated 6.4.2016 and other issues mentioned herein above . In this connection, we wish to inform you that, in response to our representation to Mr. D.V. Sadanada Gowda, Hon’ble Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation, New Delhi, on the subject under reference, had addressed a letter dated 27.1.2017 to your good self and you were kind enough to respond to Mr. Sadanada Gowda, – vide your letter dated 21.2.2017, stating that “the matter has been examined in consultation with Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare. As per their advice, further action is being taken in the Ministry regarding examination from financial angle and a decision will be taken shortly.”
As per the OM dated 13.1.2017 issued by the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) relating to guidelines with regard to pay revision of employees of autonomous bodies, in respect of autonomous bodies set up under a specified Act of Parliament, not generating adequate internal resources to meet the additional financial impact, the extent of Government support may be more than 70% of the additional impact, provided in the opinion of the concerned financial adviser the nature of functions and funds positions of the organisations so warrant. As the Coffee Board was also constituted by an Act of Parliament, the Government has to consider the request of the Board for release of additional funds required for implementation of orders in terms of OM under reference. It is as simple that if the Board had sufficient funds, it would not have requested the Government for additional funds. If non- implementation of the orders contained in this OM dated 6.4.2016 is only due to non-availability of funds for payment of arrears to the pensioners with effect from 1.1.2006, we request you to consider our suggestions, as under, for resolving grievances of Coffee Board Pensioners.
A. Revise the pension of all pre-2006 pensioners in terms of OM dated 6.4.2006, immediately, and pay the pension, as per the revision, with effect from March 2017.
B. Revise the pension of all pre-2016 pensioners in terms of OM dated 4.8.2016-7th CPC beneflts and pay the pension, as per the revision, with effect from March 2017.
C. Consequential payment of arrears, with effect from 1.1.2006/1.1.2016, may be paid during the financial year 2017-18 in one or two instalments
D. Grant of Dearness Relief with effect from 1.7.2016.
We request you to kindly consider above suggestions and issue neccessary directive at the earliest. If this is done, pensioners who are in the evening of their lives will be grateful to you.
With Regards
Truly yours,
Secy Genl. BPS